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New Me Breath and Bodywork

How does it work?

Imagine if you combined the most powerful and efficient coaching strategies available, with the exact science of how emotions (resources) move through the body. What if you could not only read someone’s body language and tell them where they are holding back in life, but you could also tell them exactly how they see themselves, how they see the world, and how to activate momentum towards the life they always desired. When you learn and practice New Me Breath and Bodywork, this is precisely what you are capable of doing for yourself and others. Listen to this quick video and learn about the most fascinating integrated method in existence.


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Watch some of the latest interviews and youtube posts from both J.D. and Ozden Thomas. Enjoy the new expanded awareness as these two share their expertise in the art of New Me Breath and Bodywork, creating better intimacy, personal empowerment, healthy food, emotional mastery, and much more!

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Body Basics Module
9:30 am - 6:30 pm
This event enables you to: • Begin to practice! Offer