What is New Me Breath and Bodywork?

New Me Breath and Bodywork

What are the Benefits?

New Me Breath and Bodywork is a unique and powerful collection of techniques that incorporates rhythmic breathing, movement, hands on pressure and body manipulation, and carefully designed coaching strategies. Designed by founder J.D. Thomas after years of studying and working with the various fields, it has the benefit of accessing what could be called the “inner coach”. Some of the benefits include:

  • Awareness of personal breathing patterns
  • Discover a deeper truth within & remain connected
  • Feel the power of more life, energy, & vitality
  • Open to authentic verbal expression & sharing
  • Relax the mind and embody clarity, passion, & direction
  • Shift moods and emotional states in an instant
  • Breathe more expansive and know how to practice
  • Receive insight and clarity from within
  • Sense of aliveness and authenticity